Ceramic Pro- The Best Protective Coating On The Market

Ceramic Pro is a unique range of specially formulated protective coatings for cars, trucks, mobile homes, caravans, boats and airplanes. All our products are officially tested and certified by ‘SGS,’ the world’s leading inspection, testing, certification, and verification company. Our products are proven to form an impermeable hydrophobic coating on paintwork, metal, glass, plastic, rubber, leather and fabric surfaces.

Why You Need Ceramic Pro Paint Protection For Your Vehicle

Ceramic Pro are specialist products that can only be applied by Approved Applicators who are highly trained and fully insured. Our products, when expertly applied, offer superior protection from environmental fallout such as air pollution, decaying insects, bird droppings, pollen, tree sap and UV and heat damage. Natural products of the environment can cause significant damage to automotive paintwork, and ‘regular’ protective coatings fail to offer adequate protection.

Our coatings are anti-graffiti and super-hydrophobic which means that your vehicle will stay cleaner for longer and will clean easier than ever before. Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is not a wax or sealant like those commonly offered by car yards or car detailing companies but is a permanent adhesive coating that offers a superior glossy shine and protection unlike any other. The Nano-Ceramic coating is professionally applied and develops into a permanent shield when cured that can only be removed with abrasive techniques.

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