Fabric protection

fabric protection

Ceramic Pro Fabric Protection And Restoration

Ceramic Pro Fabric and Ceramic Pro Leather are super hydrophobic treatments for automotive interiors. Our premium treatments repel fluid and protect fabrics and leather from liquid, chemical and grease spills and stains. Ceramic Pro Fabric protection requires professional application and forms a protective ‘second skin’ over automotive, aircraft and marine fabric. Once applied, the Ceramic Pro Fabric treatment allows spills and liquids to simply bead and roll away, and simultaneously keeps fabric dry and prevents unsightly staining.

Ceramic Pro Fabric interior protection forms an invisible barrier against food, drinks, dirt and everyday grime. It has excellent durability and provides superior resistance to wear and tear. Ceramic Pro Fabric protective treatment is a sound investment and can add significant value to your vehicle. It restores the feel of luxury and newness to all textiles and carpets and prevents premature aging. Whether you want to prepare your vehicle for a quick sale or to restore your fabric to its original form, Ceramic Pro Detailing Centre will make your fabric look and feel brand new.