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Paint Protection

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is a Permanent Nano-Ceramic Coating for all automotive surfaces. Ceramic Pro provides superior scratch resistance, UV protection, and chemical protection and can only be applied by Approved Applicators.

Glass Protection

Ceramic Pro Rain is a world-class, super hydrophobic glass protector. The Nano-Ceramic formula provides an invisible protective glass coating that repels water and rain even at high speeds.

Alloy Protection

Brake-dust buildup is corrosive and unsightly and will eventually damage the finish on your alloys. Ceramic Pro Alloy Protection is based on an advanced Nano-Ceramic formula that not only protects but prevents buildup and makes wheels easier to clean.

Interior Protection

Ceramic Pro Leather and Ceramic Pro Fabric are super hydrophobic treatments for automotive interiors. These treatments repel fluid and protect leather and fabrics from liquid, chemical and grease spills and stains.


New Car Protection Package

Paint / Interior / Alloy / Glass

Hatchback– $1339.00
Sedan/ Coupe / Wagon – $1389.00
Small SUV -$1439.00
Large SUV – $1489.00

Now with Lifetime Warranty
Includes: 2 Layers Exterior Paint, Ceramic Pro 9H, Ceramic Pro light, Interior, Alloy, Glass

Used Car Pricing

Including Paint Correction

Paint Protection – From $1100.00
Interior Protection – From $180.00
Glass Protection – $80.00
Alloy Protection – $80.00

Now with 5 Year Warranty

Ceramic Pro Light

Ceramic Pro Light only $349.00

Ceramic Pro Light is a premium product scientifically formulated to provide superior protection for automotive, aviation and marine paintwork.

NOTE: Requires a 9H Application

ADDITIONAL Charges apply for Correction work if needed and on used vehicles. An inspection will be required.


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