Nano Coatings Central Coast is an approved certified applicator of Ceramic Pro products located in Central Coast, NSW. Ceramic Pro is a permanent Nano-Ceramic coating for all automotive surfaces and is considered to be the best paint, wheel, glass, and interior protective coating in the world.

Ceramic Pro protective coatings are the preferred detailing products of the automotive, marine, and aviation industries. We specialize in car and truck detailing, interior protection, marine and plane detailing and protection. Our Nano-Ceramic coatings were developed to bond to a multitude of surfaces at a molecular level. Nano-technology was used to develop these superior protective products that, on correct application, locate and fill nanopores to create a hydrophobic surface. Ceramic Pro provides superior scratch resistance, UV protection, and chemical protection, forming an impenetrable barrier for paintwork, alloys, glass, leather and fabric.

Our Difference

The Nano Coatings Central Coast consists of a full modern workshop with superb lighting, air conditioning and ventilation. Poor lighting obscures small imperfections, so we insist on excellent lighting to obtain the perfect finish. Environmental controls such as air conditioning, and ventilation aid the application process and also help maintain a dust-free atmosphere, both essential elements for the perfect end result.

At Ceramic Pro, we offer professional application of a full range of Ceramic Pro products in our purpose built workshop at affordable prices. For your convenience, we also offer a FREE pick-up and drop-off service for all cars and motorbikes. We also offer a mobile service for trucks, motorhomes, boats and larger vehicles.

18 + year of experience

We are one of the longest-serving and most experienced car detailing centres in Australia.

Owner Operated

Our detailing experts pay attention to fine detail, to obtain a high-quality result and guarantee customer satisfaction.

High Quality Products

Nano Coatings Central Coast only uses specialist high-quality products that have been carefully researched.

Fully insured

Fully insured and security screened.

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Nano Coatings Central Coast will beat car yard protection prices by up to 50%, PLUS, our protective coatings will outlast car yard detailing products. What have you got to lose? Give us a call today to obtain a quote.