Leather protection

Leather Protection

Ceramic Pro Leather- Luxury Upholstery Treatment

Nano Coatings Central Coast extends our services to include Ceramic Pro Leather, a super hydrophobic treatment for automotive, aviation and marine interiors. This treatment repels fluids and protects leather and suede against liquid, chemical and grease spills. After application of Ceramic Pro Leather interior protection, oil, and water-based spills simply bead and roll away. This treatment allows you to wipe away spillages with ease, eliminates residual stains and prevents the tainting of the quality of the leather due to harsh chemical cleaning.

Leather is a luxury product commonly used in many vehicles for its resistance to wear and tear and its luxurious appeal. However, its durability does not negate the need for continuous care. Automotive, aviation and marine leather upholstery requires specialist cleaning and care in order to retain its superior quality and appearance. Ceramic Pro Leather is a premium leather upholstery treatment that helps to maintain the durability and the protective and luxurious qualities of leather.

At Nano Coatings Central Coast, our professional team of approved applicators will have your upholstery restored to showroom condition in no time. Ceramic Pro Leather forms a protective shield against spills and stains that can have a massive impact on the appearance of your vehicle. So, whether you want to sell your vehicle or to be proactive in the maintenance and care of your leather upholstery, we have the solutions.