Paint Protection

Ceramic Pro 9H Permanent Paint Protection is the ONLY automotive paint protection you will ever need and will outlast any car yard protection on the market. This high-gloss permanent Nano-Ceramic coating forms a super hydrophobic membrane over all surfaces and provides chemical, graffiti, UV and thermal protection. Treatments also come with a Lifetime Warranty. Ceramic Pro 9H Paint Protection can be applied to a range of new and old vehicles including:








Jet Skis

Whether you are traveling at low or high speeds, over short or long distances, or if your vehicle is stationary for extended periods of time, it is imperative that you protect your paintwork if you want to avoid long-term damage. After application, the super hydrophobic effect of Ceramic Pro 9H Paint Protection means that liquids, light dirt, and grime simply beads and rolls off.

Many car yards and car detailing companies offer substandard treatments such as wax or poor quality sealants. However, our Ceramic Pro 9H Paint Protection is the best permanent adhesive coating that you can get. It provides a superior level of paint protection with a super glossy shine. The Nano-Ceramic coating must be professionally applied by Approved Applicators who are highly trained and insured. The Ceramic Pro 9H coating develops into a permanent shield when cured and can only be removed with abrasive techniques.

The high gloss finish and protective qualities of a Ceramic Pro 9H treatment is an investment that will not only make your vehicle look amazing but will also add value to it.

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